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Rate Design Model

Our Rate Design model  uses the Ontario Energy Board Appendices as inputs. It’s functionality includes producing the utility’s Rate Base, Revenue Requirement, Proposed Tariff Sheet, Bill Impacts and all other components required to file an Cost of Service Application.  

The Rate Design model is offered FREE of charge.  

Cost of Service Application Template

We offer a Word template of each Exhibit of a Cost of Service Application. The template can be easily be modified to add or removed schedules. Each Schedules guides you through the minimum filing requirements and information required to successfully complete each section.

The Application Template is offered FREE of charge.  

Detailed Work Plan

A Cost of Service application contains in and about 250 schedules ranging anywhere from a single page to a hundred pages.  Appendices, OEB models and Special studies such as Lead Lag Study can take weeks to prepare. The key to a filing a successful application depends proper project planning. Tandem can provide you with a basic or customized Work Plan.

The standard Work Plan is offered FREE of charge.  

Tools and Models
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FTP stands for “File Transfer Protocol”, or in layman's terms… a fast, simple and efficient way of transferring bulks of data across the internet without cluttering our inbox.

With our FTP Portal , you can create directories on our remote systems, delete or rename the remote files while transferring data between 2 hosts.

Please contact us for further information on using our FTP Portal.